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A Birthday Baby Stroller

Around the holidays, our youngest son, S., found a stroller at a local toy store. He loaded it up with a couple of babies and pushed it all over the place. He just loved it! Since he was so nurturing to the baby dolls he found at the store, we got him one of his own for Christmas (before, he would borrow his big brother's dolls). With his third birthday approaching, it only made sense to complete the package and get him a stroller for his birthday.

Gigantic Natural Toy Giveaway

Born At Home Toys is part of a giveaway of natural children's items valued at over $1000.

To see all the prizes in this giveaway, visit the page at NaturalKidsTeam.

The giveaway will take place today (Saturday, Oct. 27) and tomorrow (Oct. 28). All you have to do is go over to Soulemama.com and enter.

New Toy In the Works

We like cats. We've already got the Cherry Cat Pushtoy. And our own little narcissistic cat.

Cats are creative and carefree/careless. What better animal is there to base a toy from?

Beeswax Polish


We really, really like beeswax polish. We purchased our first jar about a year and a half ago and used it on so many things besides toys - wooden bowls, kitchen utensils, even some small wooden items throughout the house.

When the jar went empty, we figured we'd make the next batch ourselves. We bought some mineral oil and beeswax. Then we found out that mineral oil is a petroleum by-product - not something we'd want in our kids' mouths!

Re-Opening the Store

sleeping-child_bernardo_strozziWe've been on hiatus for a little while now. But we're glad to announce that our Etsy Store is again open for business.

A Day At the Creek

Recently, we took our two boys to the creek to photograph our newest toy. They both wandered barefoot into the water and had a blast.


Win a "Happy On the Farm" Animal Set!!

Emily at Embrita Blogging and Natural Parents Network are offering a joint giveaway of our Happy On the Farm animal set!

paht3-300x200Emily's review of our farm animals is most gracious. Especially, "I like them because they're 99% toys - 99% of the play comes from my son's imagination." Just what we're shooting for.

A New Way To Buy









We've opened up a new way to purchase our toys. You can now find us on Storenvy.

Taking Care Of Wooden Toys

vehicle_setA good wooden toy will last for generations. That's why we say our toys are heirloom-quality - they'll still be there for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But for these great toys to become loveable antiques, they're going to need a bit of care and love. In this post we'll talk about how to clean, protect, store, and otherwise take care of any quality wooden toy so that it will stand the test of time

Good Wood

The inspiration behind Born At Home Toys was our desire for our little ones to have real toys - good quality toys that aren't made of cheap, toxic, forestenvironmentally-unsound plastic. So when we started making them ourselves, one of the things we realized is that we needed to find wood that was harvested in a way that is respectful to the planet. So we set up a few guidelines about our wood: the harvesting methods must be respectful to the forest and the trees cut down must be replaced. Or it could be recycled or reclaimed wood which would otherwise be left to rot or thrown into the landfill.

We use a lot of different woods, so this post won't cover them all. But you'll be able to see where we get our wood and different characteristics of each type.